Side Scroller Template (Made With Bolt)

Side Scroller Template

The Side Scroller Game Template is a starting point to let you make your own side scroller game, this game template was made using the Unity3D visual scripting language “Bolt”, this will avoid you to write complex code using C#.

The template has all basic behavior/mechanics from side scroller platformer games:

• Camera follow, horizontal and vertical.
• Player movement.
• Player Jump and double jump.
• Player Fire system.
• Player Health, mana and score.
• Magic item pickup.
• Health & Mana pickup.
• Basic platforms, static, movables (horizontal & vertical) and breakables.
• Basic enemy bot with idle, patrol, follow & attack behavior.
• Basic Game HUD showing: player health, mana, current magic/weapon and score.
• Basic pause menu.
• Basic tooltips to show when game is starting for the first time.

Side Scroller Template

Made with Unity3D version 2020.3.1

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Side Scroller Game Template Side Scroller Game Template
Side Scroller Game Template Side Scroller Game Template