Deadly Escape

Deadly Escape is a Pixel Art, survival game where you have to beat each chapter with one life; it's inspired by survival horror games of the '90s.

After the complex was raided by undead monsters, our wounded protagonist is abandoned inside the infirmary. He wakes up only to find that everyone has been massacred and the place is locked down. Now he has to trace the steps of the deceased that tried to escape before him, hoping to find a way out of this nightmare.


  • Old school survival horror action. Ration your ammo, every bullet counts !
  • Collect and use key items to advance deeper inside the complex.
  • Explore and find new weapons to increase your odds of survival.
  • Find documents, files, and notes from the deceased personal. Uncover what happened!
  • Compete against other players via online leaderboards! Who will be the first survivor?
  • Listen to an all original soundtrack!
  • Steam achievements
  • Trading Cards Coming Soon
  • This game was developed in collaboration with Ominous Entertainment, all the rights are owned by Ominous Entertainment, i had only provided the coding of the game, gameplay, Enemy and Bosses's AI, Game Menus, etc.

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    Deadly Escape

    Deadly Escape is a Pixel Art Survival Horror Game developed using Unity 3D.

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