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I have a bachelor degree on Computer Programming, i finished my studies in 1996 and started to work for small business making and providing software solutions using clipper and foxpro.
Moved to visual development environments starting to use Visual Basic 3.0 and then moved to Visual Studio 4.0.
Started in the game development world back in 2007 using XNA from microsoft.
Later found U.D.K. from Epic and started to work with it, i made some projects using it, then started to use Unreal Engine 4 and Unity 3D.

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Software Development

Software solutions for small & medium business made with Visual C# .Net & SQL using RAD standards.

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Unity 3D

Game development using Unity 3D, Gameplay, UI, Menu, HUD, AI & Cinematic Coding using Visual C# .Net and Visual Studio Tools

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Unreal Engine 4

Game Development using Unreal Engine 4, Gameplay, UI, Menu, HUD, AI & Cinematic Coding using Visual C++ .Net & blueprints.

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